Welcome to the Sheldon Press Facebook Page


This morning, following some hard work by our marketing team and the invaluable assistance of an intern last week, the Sheldon Press Facebook page went live.

Sheldon Press is delighted to have this new way to connect with customers, readers, reviewers, bloggers, authors and anyone directly. The hope is to build an engaged community of people actively searching for helpful advice for real life problems.

With over 150 titles covering mental health, chronic conditions, social challenges and coping with life’s difficulties, Sheldon is a great place to start.

Our popular series include titles by TV’s Dr Dawn, Sheldon Short Guides for when you need a brief introduction, and Sheldon Mindfulness Guides for bringing a little mindful peace into the everyday.

Check out our photo galleries, and browse our books online. We think you’ll love the new Facebook page, and we’d love to connect with you.

Sheldon Press is also on Twitter, and you can check out our new ‘Get in Touch‘ page on this blog.

Stay tuned for more!