#FridayFreebie – Two Great Guides!

To celebrate the release of our two new guides (See our recent blog post!) we are giving away a bundle of the two of them to one lucky winner!

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Sheldon Press August 2016 Releases


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For August 2016 Sheldon Press is delighted to publish two fantastic short guides.

By Christina MacDonald, Online Editor of the Alzheimers Show, has written ‘Dementia Care: a guide‘. Subtitled ‘Getting the best for your loved one’, this short, readable and authoritative book is a helpful guide for those whose loved ones have been diagnosed with dementia.

From Jill Eckersley, a freelance writer whose contributions over many years include many other books for Sheldon Press, comes ‘Therapy Pets: a guide’. Subtitled ‘Your Healing Companion’, this is a brilliant little book about pet therapy, with helpful advice for how you might go about thinking about choosing a pet and using them in recovery.

Both of these books are available from Amazon (links above), bookshops and other online retailers. Don’t forget to follow Sheldon on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!

Why should I read ‘Dementia Care: a guide’?

We’ve been lucky to have a great intern in at the Sheldon offices this week. He read ‘Dementia Care: a guide’, and wrote the following for us:


Dementia. There can be few more frightening diagnoses to discover that a loved one has. There are so many questions: should I look after them myself? How do I make sure they stay safe? What about care homes? Dementia Care walks the reader through these difficult issues with both clarity and sympathy.

In this accessible handbook, Christina Macdonald draws on her own personal experience and presents clear guidance on what the practical details of looking after your loved one might entail.

Beginning at diagnosis, she leaves no stone unturned in covering both those bothersome issues which might seem menial – what paperwork do you need to fill in, and what legal issues do I need to sort? – and how to go about making the decisions which are genuinely life-changing.

With short, clearly laid out chapters, and interspersed with anecdotes from others from a variety of backgrounds, Macdonald asks the reader a series of questions to help them decide what the best steps are for them on an individual basis. The book also comes with the details of several useful organisations who may be of help during the caring-process.

Dementia Care provides a useful introduction to the practicalities of what can be an anxious process and will leave readers equipped to face any difficulties which might lie ahead.


Thanks, friendly intern! We are delighted that ‘Dementia Care: a guide’ is available to preorder on Amazon today, and will be available to purchase in local bookshops and other online retailers very soon.

Why should I read ‘Therapy Pets: a guide?’

Following on from our announcement about ‘Therapy Pets: a guide’, we are glad to share with you this brief blog post exploring why you might want to read the book…

Therapy Pets

If you are an animal lover who is positive that animals can change the world with their intelligence, kind eyes and loving demeanour, then Jill Eckersley’s new book Therapy Pets proves that they have the power to do just that!

Therapy Pets is an informative guide which showcases the advantages of the increasingly popular method of working with animals to help people recovering from a multitude of health problems. With comprehensive chapters on how therapy pets can help to alleviate mental health problems as well as physical illnesses, this book showcases a range of knowledge that provides the reader with a good understanding of the impact of a therapy pet.

Therapy pets can help those suffering from invisible illnesses such as depression and allergies, which highlights their importance as they help those who might not be seen as having an illness. Jill Eckersley’s book provides all the relevant details on how to choose the right pet for your needs and how to start the process of adopting or training a pet to be a therapy pet.

This book is packed with information and advice that will benefit and interest readers of all ages. For a new topic, the information presented is easy to read and accessible, delivering a polished and refined set of instructions, tips and accompanying scientific research to create a well-rounded book.

It is heart-warming to read just how much a dog can aid someone who may be vulnerable and Jill Eckersley’s book will allow readers to see just how much a therapy pet can change someone’s life.

You can preorder ‘Therapy Pets: a guide’ via Amazon now!

Announcing… Dementia Care: A Guide

Following on from the announcement last week of ‘Therapy Pets: a Guide‘ by Jill Eckersley, we are delighted to share with you today our other new title for August 2016.

Christina MacDonald, MD of Healthy Content (follow on Twitter and like on Facebook) and a respected health journalist, has written a short and easy to read guide to the practicalities of caring for someone with dementia. The cover showcases some great design, focused on the importance, echoed in the subtitle, of ‘Getting the best for your loved one’:


At present, you can pre-order ‘Dementia Care: a guide’ via Amazon, and it will be available via other retailers and local bookshops soon.

Alongside ‘Therapy Pets: a guide’, ‘Dementia Care’ releases on the 18th of August. Keep your eyes on our Twitter feed and Facebook page for more details, and giveaways for a chance to get your hands on copies before publication!