Sheldon Press – February 2017 Covers

Following our exciting January publication of Alcohol Recover: The Mindful Way by our Author of the Month Catherine G. Lucas, Sheldon Press is excited to publish two new books in February!


Today we can reveal the titles, covers and authors, and we’ll be sure to give you more information on these two new books, both dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, before publication day on the 16th of February.

Two great books for living, coping and thriving whilst suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Available soon from good bookshops and online.

You can preorder The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book from Amazon now!

Living with Multiple Sclerosis is also available for Amazon preorder!

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Extract – Alcohol Recovery: The mindful way

Mindfulness is the perfect tool for those committed to healing the wounds of alcoholism. It can increase peace of mind and self-reliance and is recognized as a powerful tool in relapse prevention. Alcohol Recovery can help you to take charge of your recovery. It offers guided meditations and mindfulness practices geared towards recovery, along with links to audio downloads. 

Topics include:

  • the roots of problem drinking
  • addressing difficult emotions
  • coping with depression, shame and alienation
  • why we need self-compassion
  • recovery practices
  • everyday mindfulness
  • mindful movement
  • staying on track

When you want to stay abstinent or cut down on your drinking, CATHERINE G. LUCAS shows how it is possible to let go of the pain and make a healthy recovery.

Alcohol Recovery: The mindful way is out now. You can read a free extract from the book here

Join Catherine G. Lucas for a series of Mindful Sundays

Next Thursday (19th January 2017) we’re releasing Alcohol Recovery: The mindful way by mindfulness trainer and founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, Catherine G. Lucas.

Descended from a long line of alcoholics, and close to becoming one herself, Catherine G.  Lucas knows only too well the devastating impact that alcohol and its abuse can have on our lives and relationships. In Alcohol Recovery, Catherine shares her story along with the story of others who have had similar experiences, showing how mindfulness helped her to overcome her demons and bring self-compassion and self-nurture to her life.

As well as addressing the roots of problem drinking; difficult emotions; coping with depression; shame and alienation; and why we need self-compassion, the book includes guided introductory, classic and tailor-made recovery practices, along with audio downloads, that can be done at any time of day.

To mark the launch of Alcohol Recovery Sheldon Press is teaming up with Catherine to host a series of Mindful Sundays. Join us over on Catherine’s blog (or catch-up via Twitter and Facebook) for lots of great mindfulness practices and brand new audios. All the materials are completely free!

We hope you enjoy joining us from this Sunday, 15th January, as we host the first Mindful Sunday of the series. This week we’ll be doing the Kiwi Kickstarter so don’t forget to put that on your shopping list before the weekend.

See you on Sunday!

Sheldon Press

Catherine G. Lucas tells us why you should bin your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year resolutions? Bin them. Forget them. The New Year is certainly not about resolutions for me. I’ve set myself up for failure that way enough times to know they don’t work. Instead I focus on my priorities and intentions for the coming year. What do I want to welcome into my life? What do you want to welcome into your life? It’s not about determination and pushing through. It’s not about drive and will power. It’s about kindness and compassion – towards ourselves.

Rather than rigidly holding to a resolution and then beating myself up when I slip, I hold my intentions more lightly. There’s something much more nurturing, much more compassionate towards myself in that. It’s the difference between what life coach Tara Mohr calls ‘should goals’ and ‘gift goals’, goals that are loving towards ourselves.

So the New Year is the ideal time to bring some compassion into your life and reach out for some support in achieving whatever it is you’d like to welcome in. As you reflect on this, focus on the positive rather than the negative. Reframe it. When I learnt to meditate I was drinking heavily, self-medicating. Meditating with a hangover wasn’t much fun; I realised I didn’t want to. There’s a world of difference between ‘I must stop drinking’ and ‘I’d prefer to meditate without a hangover’.

Put some support in place too, to help you. That could be friends who are on board or it could be something like learning mindfulness, which is all about being kind to ourselves, reducing our suffering. Whilst meditation and mindfulness can help us cut back on the booze, they can help and support us in any priority we have for the New Year; anything that has got a hold on us that is not nurturing or helpful. Do you want a life free from cigarettes? Do you need to let go of sugar? Have you been overworking to run away from a relationship that isn’t working? I certainly know that one and whilst I’ve never been a smoker, I have had to let go of my love of sweet things for vital health reasons. I could never have achieved that without mindfulness. I could never have moved from self-harming to self-caring without the compassion and awareness that come with mindfulness.

Catherine G. Lucas has delivered mindfulness courses to many groups since she qualified in 2007, including National Health therapists and soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, for the Ministry of Defense. She is the author of Coping with a Mental Health Crisis: Seven steps to healing (Sheldon Press; 2015)and In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully through Your Awakening (Findhorn Press; 2011).


Her latest book, Alcohol Recovery: The mindful way is out on 19th January 2017.