Join Catherine G. Lucas for a series of Mindful Sundays

Next Thursday (19th January 2017) we’re releasing Alcohol Recovery: The mindful way by mindfulness trainer and founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, Catherine G. Lucas.

Descended from a long line of alcoholics, and close to becoming one herself, Catherine G.  Lucas knows only too well the devastating impact that alcohol and its abuse can have on our lives and relationships. In Alcohol Recovery, Catherine shares her story along with the story of others who have had similar experiences, showing how mindfulness helped her to overcome her demons and bring self-compassion and self-nurture to her life.

As well as addressing the roots of problem drinking; difficult emotions; coping with depression; shame and alienation; and why we need self-compassion, the book includes guided introductory, classic and tailor-made recovery practices, along with audio downloads, that can be done at any time of day.

To mark the launch of Alcohol Recovery Sheldon Press is teaming up with Catherine to host a series of Mindful Sundays. Join us over on Catherine’s blog (or catch-up via Twitter and Facebook) for lots of great mindfulness practices and brand new audios. All the materials are completely free!

We hope you enjoy joining us from this Sunday, 15th January, as we host the first Mindful Sunday of the series. This week we’ll be doing the Kiwi Kickstarter so don’t forget to put that on your shopping list before the weekend.

See you on Sunday!

Sheldon Press


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