June release: Sleep Better by Professor Graham Law and Dr Shane Pascoe


Is it true that you fall asleep more quickly if you wear warm socks? Can you lose weight while you snooze? Do you really need a solid eight hours sleep?

Some people say that it takes 10,000 hours’ practice to become an expert at something. By that logic, we should all be expert sleepers by the age of three. So why is it, with all this expertise, so many people have difficulty with their sleep?

From increased weight-gain to a loss of productivity, sleep deprivation can have a profound impact on our lives, health and well-being, with sufferers trialling some of the many myths that surround sleep in search of curing ‘solutions’.

Written by a leading sleep scientist and a psychologist, Sleep Better explores 40 myths about our nightly journey to the land of Nod.

Professor Graham Law and Dr Shane Pascoe draw on years of research and laboratory work to present the facts. Unlock the secrets of sleep, from babyhood to later life, with this wise and expert book. 

‘A clearly written, informative book. Highly recommended.’ Lilley Harvey, founder and principal teacher, Peacock Tree Yoga

‘Excellent – top tips for better sleep.’ Professor Mary Morrell, President of the British Sleep Society

Sleep Better is out today


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