July Release: Mood Swings – The Mindful Way

Sheldon Press is committed to providing helpful, authoritative, trustworthy and accessible books by real experts, that help real people engage with real problems. Our June 2017 release considered the science and myths around sleep, in Professor Graham Law and Dr Shane Pascoe’s Sleep Better.

In July 2017 Sheldon Press is delighted to publish Mood Swings – the Mindful Way: Managing anger, anxiety and low mood. Caroline Mitchell proposes mindfulness as a way to work through some of the difficult symptoms and expressions of mood swings.


Do you have frequent, intense mood swings? Do they seem to happen for no real reason? Mood swings are normal reactions to life events, but, if your emotions are dominating your life, it might be time to take action. Mood Swings provides effective exercises and advice to help manage those dips in mood that leave you sad, mad or anxious.

You don’t have to let anger, anxiety and depression get the upper hand!

Instead, boost your mood with this inspiring, practical book.

You can get Mood Swings – The Mindful Way from BOOKSetc for just £6.68(rather than our RRP of £7.99!), or at Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.


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