Submissions Guidelines


Further details about writing for us

As one of the UK’s most longstanding health and self-help publishers, Sheldon Press welcomes new authors and book ideas. Please send us your ideas, bearing in mind the following:

  • Books are written for general reader, primarily for the person with the condition, but we hope they may also be useful for family and friends, and sometimes for health professionals.
  • The list currently has a strong focus on medical conditions, especially chronic conditions such as depression, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and digestive disorders.
  • We will consider emotional and psychological subjects provided that they are clearly targeted and have a definite readership in mind.
  • Books typically present information about the condition, along with practical advice about management and self-help strategies.
  • The books are generally 35,000-40,000 words long, and should be written at the level of a good consumer magazine. We also include a resources section, with a list of useful addresses and further reading.
  • We also publish Sheldon Guides – shorter books of around 20,000 to 23,000 words, and The Mindful Way – books of around 20,000 words which suggest practical ways of using mindfulness techniques, especially for conditions such as depression, anxiety and pain.


  • No memoir or personal stories in any form.
  • No life coaching, personal development, motivational, or life coaching proposals (ie how to get the life you want, how to be happy, how to age gracefully).

Please email suggestions to us, including the following:

Working title. We like to use titles that are as self-explanatory and precise as possible, and that include key words for electronic searches.

A synopsis. This should be short, made up of a description of the book, and a list of chapter headings and contents.

Relevant material – a sample chapter if available, or journal or magazine articles.

Information about the market. Who will read the book? If it’s a medical problem, how many people does it affect? Will it also be useful for family, friends, carers or health professionals?

Competition. What gap in the market does this book fill? How does it differ from existing books? Please list at least three or four published books in the same field, stating the publisher, year of publication, price, and ISBN, with a sentence or two on what role each book fulfils, and how your book would differ from this.

Your professional biography. Please outline your relevant experience for writing the book.

Email to: 

Sheldon Press receives a number of book submissions each week and, while we reply to everyone as quickly as possible, it could be several weeks before you hear from us. Please also be aware that due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to give detailed feedback as to why we turn down a proposal.